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So a little context, back when I attempted to get a college degree I was playing a sci-fi tabletop game with some friends called Palladium Rifts, I was playing an AI living in a humanoid robot body, named Simone (Sim One) of all the groan worthy things. One of my teammates was a mech pilot (named lockon) who had a bike / mech transformer. I was admittedly being a little sh*t and hacked into the mech.

Richard Stallman was a very foundational and prolific hacker in the free software movement. However, no matter how instrumental a person is, no matter how critical someone is we cannot and should not allow the behavior rms was allowed to get away with for so so long. I used to openly idolize rms. I knew he was a bit weird and maybe a little creepy, but I never really looked into his creepiness and since I never really interacted on a developer level with any GNU project directly, know anyone from MIT, or really do more than donate to the FSF, I never really had to.

Welcome everyone to my little corner. I've decided to move over from Jekyll to Hugo, though since there wasn't much on my old site, I am starting new and clean.