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Welcome, I'm Alyssa 👩‍💻

Transbian, Software Developer, Free Software and LGBTQIA+ Advocate.

About me

Hello, my name is Alyssa Herzog. My pronouns are she/her. I am a Sr. Software Developer who works a lot with digital video encoding and the delivery of it to users and am currently employed at a large media conglomerate. I am very passionate about Software Development, Tabletop RPGs, and LGBTQ+ rights, which will be the majority of what I will be writing about. I am somewhat active on social media, so please don’t feel afraid to say hello!

Languages I’ve used in some (Professional or FOSS) capacity:

  • Golang Go lang Logo

    My current main driver language. I’ve been loving it, but can’t wait to see what Go 2 brings.

  • Javascript (node.js mostly) Javascript Logo

    I used to write this a lot, I still do for quick prototypes.

  • Python Python Logo

    I used this more back in the healthcare tech days (Early to mid 2010’s).

  • Ruby Ruby Logo

    This is my favorite language, despite never using it anymore.

  • Clojure Clojure Logo

    I really enjoys lisps, though I don’t get to use them nearly enough.

  • Kotlin Kotlin Logo

    I tried to help push the old legacy Java 7 (originally Java 5) code into Kotlin, but I didn’t get the buy in.

  • Java ☕️

    It’s Java, what is there to say. LibGDX was fun to use (even better with Kotlin).

  • ELisp Emacs Lisp Logo

    I actually wrote quite a few little snippets for my old main editor emacs. I really want to revisit emacs again someday.

  • Bash Bash Logo

    Despite being fairly young, I’ve had quite a few experiences making bash do things it never was intended to do.

  • C# C Sharp Logo

    Mostly used this for video games after Microsoft started to open source the language and compiler. (Moving off of libGDX and into MonoGame)

  • PHP PHP Logo

    This was my first professional language, I am really glad I’ve grown up and learned other languages. This was before things like Cake or Composer.

All Language icons (save for Java, which is just the coffee emoji) are pulled from WikiMedia. Which I’d like to thank them for the SVG Icons.

Where I’ve been:

I started in the Healthcare tech industry doing frontdesk IT for a hospital, then I moved on to writing software solutions for doctor practices after the Affordable Care Act in the US pushed doctors to use electronic records for patients. I eventually moved away and now work for my current employeer: a large media conglomerate. Which mostly dealt with creating crazy scaleable web services for the video player used by all the brands. Now I’ve transfered to working on the team that does video encoding and really getting into things like HLS-CMAF and DASH specs and the like.

The one software problem I’d love to “solve”:

Is creating a global scale video platform, granted YouTube and Netflix have already solved it for them. My dream would be to create a totally open source platform that others would be able to use. I will likely do a few posts on this very topic!

1package main
3import "fmt"
5func main() {
6    fmt.Println("Hello World! 💞 🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍⚧️")